Introduction to chemistry!

Get your learn on by taking this short course in the fundamentals of chemistry!

This module will introduce you to the foundations of chemistry, including all kinds of information on atoms, ions, and molecules; how to read a periodic table; how to read the little boxes in the periodic table; and how to spell words and your name using element symbols!

There are 9 units at the moment, and more will be released as I write them. 

I hope you enjoy these units as much as I enjoyed learning about them when I started taking chemistry and as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. Please share your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and questions as we go along so I can offer more assistance and make modifications as necessary. And share your thoughts on what you want to learn next!

This is the first course I\'ve offered on my own - I worked on the Learn Cosmetic Formulation course with Jane Barber and Perry Romanowsky, but Jane did almost all the work formatting the program - so there\'ll be mistakes and things I need to correct. Feedback is so important to learning, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Module 1 Atoms and the periodic table
Unit 1 Introduction to the course and suggested supplies & resources
Unit 2 Atoms! Protons, neutrons, and electrons - oh my!
Unit 3 Electrons - ion charges and valence shells!
Unit 4 How to read the periodic table: Overview
Unit 5 How to read the periodic table: Columns, groups, or families
Unit 6 How to read the periodic table: Rows, periods, and periodicity
Unit 7 Ions, anions, and cations!
Unit 8 How to read the information about an element on the periodic table
Unit 9 Let's review this module!
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