Update on the blog for a sunny Thursday in mid-June along with some thoughts on where to find things and how to contact me

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of interaction over the last week, but as I mentioned in the Welcome to June post, I had a few things going on – an epidural for back pain, a second dose of the COVID vaccine, and a fantastic course on oils that I can’t wait to share with you – and I’ve been trying to do some organizing and planning for the blog, which almost always results in me writing even more!

The good news is that my back is doing much better and I had a very mild reaction to the vaccination, compared to the last one that kicked my bum for more than four days!

I’ve received an absolute whack of new ingredients from a few different suppliers, so I’ve been researching each and getting write ups and sample formulas prepared.

I’m working on responding to the comments and messages you’ve sent to me over this period of time, and I’ve been working on a few different e-zines as I’m still not sure what the topic will be for June.

I hope to have the Newbie Tuesday series up for next week, and I should have a new post up tomorrow – just deciding which series to start. Thanks for your patience!

A few points of interest while I’m here..

If you need help with anything that isn’t formulating – that is to say, you want to know about how to download e-books, where to buy e-books, where to find something on the blog – please write to technical support as they can answer those questions almost immediately. If you write to me, it’ll sit in the inbox until I get to the date on which you sent it, which can take quite some time and your questions will remain unanswered.

Please visit the right hand side of the blog to where all the pinned posts are as the odds are pretty good that what you want is there. If it isn’t, the search bar is over there and it’s quite good for finding all kinds of awesome things.

Take a look at the menu above and check out the resources tab as there’s a lot in there, including links to big series, ingredients, and more. It also includes the resources or FAQ section and the beginners start here section, which links to all the beginners’ posts and Newbie Tuesday series.

If you want to suggest a product we might duplicate, please put it in the duplication request post, which is always in the pinned post section. Please don’t email it to me as I’ll just ask you to put it in that section as that’s where I check when I’m looking through ingredients and ideas, and I don’t think of reviewing all my correspondence to find your suggestions as I have a huge inbox.

If you have a question to ask me, please put it in the Q&A section of the blog as that’s where I check when I’m looking for questions to answer, and it’s my priority over every other way you might contact me. If you email me, message me on Instagram or Facebook, I won’t think of looking there, and you’ll likely be overlooked.

A huge part of my work on myself this year is about setting and maintaining boundaries, and what I’m sharing here is what’s been working really well for me to avoid burn out. When I ask you to contact me in a different way or to comment in a section, it’s because this is the best way I can offer you the information, thoughts, suggestions, or formulation ideas you’re seeking. I want to share everything I know and love about cosmetic chemistry and formulating because I just love it all so very very much, but I have a tendency to push myself too far, so these boundaries help me maintain a healthy balance in my life and in my work. Self-care is so important!