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Welcome to the new home page for all things naturally compliant! It’s a work in progress, but as I find posts relating to this topic, I’ll be updating the page with ingredients and formulas and concepts that you might find interesting.

The concept of being “naturally compliant” means that the ingredient has received some kind of certification from some kind of certifying body that it’s natural, biodegradable, green, or something of that nature. This is a much more useful term than “natural” or “derived from nature” as everything on earth is considered natural or from nature. It’s much more useful than “plant-based” because there are loads of things that are plant-based that no one would consider “natural”.

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Various certifications for “naturally compliant” ingredients

Certifying natural & organic products: ECOCERT

Certifying natural & organic products: COSMOS

Certifying natural & organic products: NATRUE

Certifying natural & organic products: ISO 16128

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification, and the designation MB (Mass Balance)


Concepts about formulating with green, biodegradable, and naturally compliant ingredients

Discussion: “Is it natural?” Derivation, processes, and sustainability

Discussion: “Is it natural?” It’s not easy being green…

Discussion: “Is it natural?” Clean beauty

Discussion: “Is it natural?” Vegan, “inside out”, and non-GMO

Green chemistry

Hurdle technology


Testing the shelf life of your products: Observing a naturally compliant lotion for rancidity