FAQ about subscriptions

Thanks so much for signing up for or thinking about signing up for a subscription on the blog.


Where can I find out more about subscriptions?

Click here to see a list of the different levels of subscription and what rewards come with each level.


What can I access with my subscription?

Posts: Every subscription at any level can access the subscriber exclusive posts on the blog, past and present. This includes the duplicated posts going back to July 2016, when this all started. There are over 4,700+ posts and formulas on this site! Wow! This is ALL THE POSTS (except specifics to subscription levels, see below).

What do I get for my $3 (USD)

You’ll get access to subscriber exclusive posts on the blog including the monthly duplicated formula, ingredient write ups, advanced formulas, and Experiments in the Workshop. You’ll also get access to the Super happy fun member-to-member post! And:


What do I get for my $5 (USD)

All of the above and:

  • The Q&A post – Your chance to ask a question of Swift, with a guaranteed answer.


What do I get for my $10 (USD)

All of the above and:

  • Coupon for the free e-Zine of the month – Every month a new e-Zine will be published and you get it for free! (It’s issued near the end of the month, so look for it on the blog!)
  • Random fun things like comparison charts, bonus formulas, discount coupons for SwiftcraftyMonkey.blog e-Zines and e-Books, and more
  • Right now we are offering  discount coupons from our suppliers!


Subscribing and unsubscribing

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription starts immediately, the day you subscribe while future payments are scheduled on the 1st of the next calendar month and the months after. The initial payment is not pro-rated as many of the benefits cannot be divided. When you look at everything we offer (4700+ posts, thousands of formulas, ingredient spotlights) we feel you are getting excellent value for money.

All times/dates should be considered in Pacific time (Vancouver)


How do I cancel/unsubscribe my subscription?

Go to here (Subscriptions -> Cancel) to immediately cancel your subscription and access to all subscriber exclusive posts, gifts, and services. You keep any e-Zines or downloaded you have purchased or claimed.


How do I change my subscription level (upgrade/downgrade)?

Go to Subscriptions -> Levels and select the new level you wish.

Upgrading. You will be charged the difference and the new level will take effect right away. These are not pro-rated as the new benefits value cannot be subdivided (1/30th of an e-zine when subscribing on the last day of the month).

Downgrading. Your old subscription will be cancelled for the end of the month and a new subscription will be created starting on the first of the following month. Hence you will need to re-approve your payment information.

Can I get a refund (because I didn’t download my e-Zines or read the posts or have my question answered outside of the Q&A post)?

No. It is a subscribers responsibility to claim rewards such as e-Zines, use the Duplication post, read posts, and use the Q&A post. We can’t be responsible for users who choose not to take advantage of their subscription.



Do I get access to all previous e-Zines?



How do I get previous e-Zines before I was a subscriber?

Please visit our store.


How do I get previous e-Zines when I was a subscriber?

You can claim them here.


How often am I billed?

You’re billed once a month for the subscription. The subscriptions are monthly – from the first of the month to the last day of the month – and they aren’t pro-rated as we simply don’t have that ability.

So if you sign up on the 2nd of the month, you’ll be billed the full amount for the month and will pay again on the 1st of next month.

If you sign up on the 15th of the month, you’ll be billed the full amount for the month and will pay again on the 1st of next month.

If you sign up on the 29th of the month, you’ll be billed the full amount for the month and will pay again on the 1st of next month.

But I’m only paying for a few days! Yes, that’s true, but you still get all the benefits of subscription, such as the 4000+ of paid posts that are unlocked, you can still suggest a duplication, you can still ask questions, and you will still get the e-zine. We can’t pro-rate subscriptions, so this is the only way we can do it.


Why am I getting double billed?

Subscription access is based on calendar months (e.g. June). When you subscribe you make a payment for immediate access until the end of the month. Payments are scheduled after for the first of next month. If you signed up on June 29th, you would be billed again for July 1st. It may look like a double billing, but these are two separate charges for two different months.


Why does it say my subscription starts at the beginning of the next month?

All subscriptions start the day you sign up with an initial payment the same as the monthly subscription amount. Your initial payment pays for the calendar month you sign up (e.g. June) and a recurring payment will be created for the first of the following month (July 1st).


Why am I being charged in American funds when the blog is Canadian?

Patreon used to charge in US funds, so we thought it would be easier to keep the currency the same. Plus, let’s be honest, those of us who don’t live in the States always know the US exchange rate. Finally, with all the trade stuff going on in the world right now, the Canadian dollar isn’t doing that well, so my income would go up and down pretty drastically every month.


How do I log into my account to access paid posts?

Log in via your account under “buy courses & e-books” to find your subscription account and e-zines/e-books you have under your name. Or you could can log in at the bottom of a subscribers’ only post.

After you log in, just click on “blog” in the menu bar, and you’re in!



Should I subscribe here or Patreon?

Here! Patreon sucks and we want out!


How do I cancel my Patreon subscription and sign up over here?

Follow this link on Patreon and do what it says to do. If you paid for this month on Patreon, you don’t need to sign up on this blog until the next month or you’ll be paying twice.

Let’s say you paid on Patreon for May, but cancelled it May 15th. You are still a member here and will get everything for your level, including the e-zine if applicable, for that payment. Sign up on June 1st or later to be a member over here. (Click here for the level information.)


Delay in adding Patreon subscribers at the start of the month?

If you’re a Patreon subscriber, your name has to be added manually to the blog subscriptions every month after you’ve paid over there. Raymond will start this process on the 2nd of the month, and it takes some time, so if you’ve paid and you can’t access the blog, it may be he hasn’t reached your name yet.

This is because Patreon is terrible and doesn’t actually collect your subscriptions when it’s supposed to, so we give everyone an extra day’s grace assuming they’re still subscribed and the payment won’t be declined.


Delay in adding Patreon subscribers any other time during the month?

If you’re a Patreon subscriber, your name has to be added manually to the blog subscriptions after you’ve paid over there. Please have some patience as we can’t do it if it’s the middle of the night or we’ve left the house for some reason or we’re away from our computers. (This is why it’s a better idea to subscribe over here!)


If you have questions that aren’t listed here, please write to us so we can update the post. You can contact Raymond at fulfillment@swiftcraftymonkey.blog and he’ll see what he can do.