Welcome to April 2021!

Welcome to April 2021! It’s spring and we can sit outdoors, socially distanced, with people outside of our household this month, so yay for that! We had a new patio built in the winter and we will be enjoying a lot of tea and cookies in our yard as we wait for the world to … Read more

Updates from around the blog: 4,300 posts?!? Where to find “recipes”? What should we do for the next Newbie Tuesday/Formulating Friday series?

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well on the first Monday of the spring! As of this post, I have 4,301 posts on the blog, written over the last twelve years!* Yep, this is a massive blog with loads more information than you can imagine. I have formulas on here for everything except cold process … Read more

Welcome to March 2021!

It’s March! Time for cherry blossoms and geosmin, the smell after it starts to rain, and warmer days we can spend outside in our back garden with our new outdoor heater (finally). National Crafting Month in March 2009 was the inspiration for what I consider the first official post on the blog on February 28, … Read more