You can get all kinds of cold emulsifiers at Windy Point Soap in Canada! Woo!

You know how I’m currently obsessed with cold process emulsifiers? I’m happy to say we have them in Canada now! Yep, Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary is carrying… Jeequat NDCS Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier – you know, the one I used for my epic level conditioner! Jeesperse ICE-T CIS-2 Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier … Read more

It’s on! Classes at Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary!

I am so excited to announce that’ll be teaching at Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary, Alberta, in September! From their site: We’ve updated our Class schedule to include Swiftcraftymonkey’s classes in September. She will be teaching: Sept 14: Liquid Hair Care (morning) & Foamy, Bubbly, Lathery Surfactants (afternoon) Sept 15: Cold Emulsifiers (afternoon) Sept … Read more

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Want to learn how to make creamy, decadent conditioners, eco friendly cleansers, luscious lotions, or exfoliating scrubs? Do you want to make shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body butters, and more? Then sign up for the upcoming classes newsletter to be amongst the first to know when I’m teaching in your part of the world! You … Read more