Welcome to December 2023!

Welcome to December, the first day of our lovely jammy Bonne Maman advent calendar, each day a new flavour to celebrate the countdown to Christmas! It’s just one of my favourite things about December, which also incudes my birthday, Raymond and my 30th anniversary, Sasja’s adoption day, and my adoption day on New Year’s Eve. … Read more

Welcome to November 2023!

Welcome to November! It’s still mushroom season around here, with fungi of all kinds sprouting up on our lawn, on other lawns, and in the new trail that snakes beside the creek behind our house. Raymond has taken to photographing them whenever he sees them around town, and I’ve never been so enamoured by mushrooms … Read more

Welcome to October 2023!

Welcome to October! We have a lot going on this month – well, a lot for us, anyway. It’s little Sasja’s 7th birthday today – holy cow, I still think of her as a puppy! – and Raymond’s birthday on the 11th. Tomorrow, on the 2nd, we’re going to see Iron Maiden in Vancouver, which … Read more

Let’s talk about making and selling easy-to-make products while looking at this program called “Start a 6 Figure Beauty Business” and why I don’t suggest it! 

I’ve been seeing posts from David Wongk for a course and Facebook group called “Start a 6 Figure Beauty Business” where you learn to make massive batches of really easy products using a variety of bases to create yourself a business where you can make a six figure (gross) income. There are free “recipes” available … Read more

A few thoughts on how to work with and melt SCI and how to create a double boiler (updated September 3, 2023)

Hi everyone! I’m up to mid-September in the comments, and I continue to work through them. Thanks for your patience.  A few thoughts: Why does everyone think it’s so hard to melt sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI)? If you pick the right version and couple it with the right surfactant – disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, … Read more