Welcome to July 2022!

Didn’t I just say welcome to June 2022? Time is flying by so fast! I’m totally unprepared for July! Nevertheless, welcome to the first month of proper, official summer here in the Northern Hemisphere! My 50,000 km tune up continues until July 8th with more visits for Botox, epidurals, and anaesthetic into my arms, and … Read more

The formula is only the start: The process is everything! (Updated June 2022)

How did this beautiful, fluffy, gorgeous conditioner with Varisoft EQ 65 become that epic fail? This is what happens when the process required to make a product isn’t followed properly. If it needs high shear and you’ve used a hand mixer, the product will fail. If you’re supposed to alter the pH at a certain … Read more

Welcome to June 2022!

Wow, it’s almost summer! Where did the year go? I know where some of it went – riding bikes! Have I mentioned my newfound love and obsession with my e-bike? I know it must seem so boring, but it’s something I can do when my arms and hands are in spasm and I can’t get … Read more

Welcome to May 2022!

Hi everyone! Just a short welcome to the blog this month because the cramps and spasms in my arms and hands are flaring up again, making typing really painful and track-padding even worse. I’m taking time off this week until Wednesday, when I’m getting my injections of anaesthetic and possibly steroids into my muscles to … Read more