Coupons of the month

Woo hoo! Here are some lovely coupons suppliers have happily shared with $10 subscribers as a gift!

Lotioncrafter click here for coupon

Voyageur Soap & Candle click here for coupon

Windy Point Soap Making Supplies click here for coupon

Formulator Sample Shop EU click here for coupon (Should work for 2021, if not, let me know)

Please don’t share the coupons with anyone who isn’t a $10 subscriber, and if you aren’t a $10 subscriber any more, please don’t use the coupons. 

If the code isn’t updated yet, please don’t message me for a one. I update them when I get them, so if it isn’t updated, I don’t have one yet. And please don’t make up a code based on the previous month’s code if there isn’t a new one. (Okay, I admit it’s funny to see what you come up with…)

Do not call or message the supplier for the coupon. They are offering this out of kindness, and if you’re making more work for them, that’s not a very nice way to thank them for saving you money.

I can’t stress this enough – do not contact the supplier if the coupon hasn’t been updated! There are many reasons it might not be updated – it’s a weekend, there’s a pandemic, someone in their family is ill, I forgot to ask them, there’s a pandemic – and if it is to be updated, it will be done in time. Writing to complain to them that you haven’t received a generous gift is ungrateful and doing exactly the opposite of what I’ve asked you to do. These coupons are not here forever, and bothering the suppliers is a great way to lose them from the blog

Anyone who is rude to a supplier or to me about these coupons will be removed from this website permanently and your account will be closed. I cannot stress enough that these coupons are gifts, and displaying any insulting or rude behaviour is not acceptable.

Don’t make me the bad guy here who has to scold you, you know the rules of engagement by now. Anyone who contacts the supplier because the coupon hasn’t been updated will have their subscription terminated without refund. If we let you slide this time and you do it again, you’ll be terminated and your account closed permanently. We take pestering of our suppliers very seriously and trust you will too.

It’s a hard time for suppliers and everyone else financially right now, and we’ve already lost discounts to other suppliers for various reasons, so every time something like this happens, it makes it more likely we’ll lose these amazing gifts. Please don’t be the person who messes it up for everyone.