Cancelling the Zoom workshop, sorry…

Hi everyone! Just wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I won’t be able to do the zoom workshop on Sunday, January 16, as I had hoped. I’ve been doing a lot of different therapies for my arms over the last couple of weeks, and sometimes they leave me in a lot of pain for a day or two afterwards, which makes typing, writing, and picking things up in the Workshop to make things pretty hard. I went for a fun new treatment yesterday where they injected anaesthetic into my muscles, and I’m hurting so bad, I can’t really do much.

The upcoming week is a quiet one for treatments and such, so I’ll see how I’m doing by Thursday-ish about doing something next weekend.

Thanks for your understanding! This is a whole new fun medical thing I have to go through, I’m never sure whether things are going to be worse or better the next day. (But things are getting better overall. Short term pain is leading to long term gain!)