Check out my new e-zine, 10 minute lotions!

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I’m super excited to present to you my newest e-zine, 10 minute lotions! Yep, you heard me right! In this e-zine, we’ll be learning how to use five different cold emulsifiers to create moisturizers, butters, creams, and lotions is less time than it takes you to gather up your ingredients! As well, I’ve included two charts with sensory characteristics charts for light and medium to heavy oils. And you’ll learn how to convert these lotions into 10 minute creamy cleansers and scrubs.

I’m so excited to share these with you. Three of these cold emulsifiers are brand new and aren’t even for sale yet, so consider this a sneak peek at what’s coming to our suppliers’ shops next! (Thanks to Windy Point Soap Making Supplies for sending me a lot of these samples for ingredients they’re getting in shortly.)

The stats:

13,240 words
48 pages
29 formulas covering five cold emulsifiers – ViscOptima SE (aka GelMaker® RHEO), Emulthix™/RM-2051, Rheosol AVH, Rheosol CVH E, and JEESPERSE™ ICE-T-LB-T-NS – with base formulas and modifications

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