Cold emulsifiers have won, and I need your feedback!

You voted and the winner for a new weekly series in the fall will be cold process emulsifiers! Woo hoo! My plan is to start in mid-September and choose one a month to create a few different formulas with different emollients and different viscosities, sharing a post once a week. I’ll post a shopping list with links to where you can get these emulsifiers well before the series starts so you can play along!

I hope you’ll follow along and share your formulas, photos, and experiences here. That was such great fun when we did the lotion making series! 

We’ll be covering quite a few of those in the cold process emulsifier section of the enormous emulsifier section of the site as well as a number of new ones  

I have a huge list of cold process emulsifiers, including some new ones that aren’t on shelves yet – but will be soon – but I’m eager to learn about more. I want to know what’s available to you where you live so everyone around the world can participate. If you can include a link, I’ll even order them so I can see what they’re like!

I need your feedback about cold process emulsifiers near you by July 31, 2023, for the second batch of emulsifiers for the series. Otherwise, it’ll just be those I can get at my favourite suppliers in Canada and the US. (Which are great and could keep us busy for a year!) I’d like to include as many of you as I can, but I need time to shop, ship, and practice with those I’ve never used before.

Yay! I can’t wait to get started sharing all these lovely formulas with you.