Free packaging alert (for local folks, Fraser Valley, BC)M

EDITED TO ADD: It’s been claimed! 

Free packaging alert to local folks! As you might know, we normally run a free youth crafting program – Rated T for Teen – but given we probably won’t be able to start up again until late 2021, I desperately need to clear my storage and craft room as we’ve run out of space. I have bags of bottles and jars that were very kindly donated for the groups, but it’s time for them to find a new home. 

Everything I’m offering is free, and you have to pick it up at my house in Chilliwack, BC, from my front step, socially distanced, but I will wave to you from my front window in a show of thanks. If you want these items, please contact me to arrange for pick up by December 30th with the pick up shortly thereafter. I’m offering these as all or nothing as I don’t have the mental energy to do the work necessary to divide it up or make arrangements with loads of people.

I have a lot of 4 ounce plastic jars. One box has blue jars with silver lids, the others are black. There are 50 to 100 or so of each type, and you’ll have to take all of whatever is in one of the two boxes as I really need the space. If you can’t use all the jars, share them with someone, pass them along!

I have a massive Ziploc – the type you’d use to put away a duvet – full of blue plastic 1 ounce bottles. They do not have lids. They’d be great for small things, like making essential oil sprays or fragrance sprays, as well as travel sized lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and such.

I have a massive Ziploc bag of green plastic 4 ounce bottles. I might have disc caps for these.

I have a massive Ziploc bag of blue plastic bottles. Some are 4 ounce, others might be 8 ounce. I might have disc caps for these.

I really want these to go to a good home, but they need to be gone from mine as soon as possible as I really need to get organized and these are a massive impediment to that. They have all been stored in huge closed bags or boxes and are all clean and ready to use.

Please comment or email me at and we’ll get this sorted! This is a free post, so feel free to share it if you think someone might be interested. 

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