Broccoli seed copolymer

Broccoli seed copolymer (INCI: Brassica campestris/Aleurites Fordi oil copolymer): This oil soluble, liquid emollient works as a film former that creates a flexible, uniform film on the hair to smooth and soften, increase shine, and strengthen hair to prevent breakage. It protects hair from thermal damage from various styling devices and it may protect against pollution related damage. It makes hair feel softer, silkier, with more glide and reduction of friction. 

It’s a copolymer of Brassica campestris oil (field mustard or turnip mustard) and Aleurites fordi oil from tung wood. Unlike broccoli oil, it has a “bland” odour – I can still smell a bit of that earthy brassica kinda smell, but it’s not apparent when used at suggested usage rates in my conditioners and leave in conditioners.