IFRA is an organization that sets the standards for use of fragrance oils in our products.

If you’d like a quick overview of their program, click here! 

They categorize products in different ways, considering quite a few variables, like…

  • where on the body or hair they’ll be used;
  • how much is used on the body (small patch or all over);
  • how much of the body is exposed to the product in general (like rinsing off a shampoo);
  • how the product is applied (with fingertips or hands);
  • whether they’re rinse-off or leave on;
  • if there’s the potential for ingestion, like for lip products;
  • if there’s potential for phototoxicity of components in the oils;
  • and a few other things I’ll share as we go on.

Click here to see a lengthy post on this topic with some great resources along with a cheat sheet to help you work with the fragrances you have or want and these maximum skin exposure levels.