Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSa) is an anionic (negatively charged) surfactant we might find as a powder (Lathanol LAL) or liquid (LSB). It’s great foaming, bubbling, and lathering surfactant that works as a mild cleanser with a pH around 6.3. Some people find it makes their skin a bit prickly, others – like me – love it. I always use this at 10% or lower because it’s such a great foamer, it can give you a face full of bubbles that are a bit harder to rinse away.

It’s a mild cleanser that has excellent, excellent flash foam; excellent thick lather; excellent huge bubbles, that can work for all skin and hair types, although dry skinned people might find it a bit much in larger quantities. It works really well in hard water. The pH is around 6.3, which is fine for hair and skin care products, but can be lowered without issue.

It’s fabulous for solid bubble baths with the excellent flash foam and huge bubbles, and it’s great for hair and skin cleansing bars for those reasons plus the gentle cleansing.

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