Locals! Want to meet up for coffee?

I’m wondering if anyone is available for a meet up before the end of December? Saturday, December 28th – afternoon or evening – or Sunday, December 29th, from noon to 3 pm or so. This isn’t a class or demonstration or anything like that – I just thought it would be nice to meet up, have some warm beverages, and talk about our love of formulating. I can bring some neat ingredients from my workshop that we could try out, but anything goes! I figure we’ll be at Decades coffee shop in Chilliwack, which has beverages, desserts, and some food things. I can rent one of the side rooms if we get enough people (6 or more, I think?)

If this goes well and we have fun, I’d love to do this regularly, say every other month? It would probably be in Chilliwack as that’s where I live.

Could you please only respond to this message if you are able to come? Please specify your availability and preferences for the dates/times I’ve suggested. I hope you’ll join me as I really think this’ll be great fun!

You can see the first post about this by clicking here.



We are! We’ll be meeting up at Decades Coffee in Chilliwack on Sunday, December 29th from 12 to 3 pm. I’m very excited!


45846 Wellington Ave, Chilliwack.

Directions: Take exit 119 on the highway. You’ll be turning left, going north. That’s Yale Road. Drive on that road for about 5 minutes until there’s a fork after Hodgins, keep left. You’ll reach a set of lights where you can only go left. That’s Wellington Avenue. Turn left, and the parking lot for Decades is on your left.