Point of Interest: Blog update and links to interesting things I’ve been reading…

Those are some stickers Inolex sent me promoting their more environmentally friendly ingredients, which we’ve used a lot on the blog, AminoSensyl™ HC & SC (positively charged or cationic emulsifiers), LexFeel™ N5 and N350 (silicone substitutes), and Spectrastat™ (preservative), to name a few, and they looked cute, so they became a great photo to add to this post! 

Hi everyone! I’m sorry, but I have to cancel the Discord chat today – Monday, July 13 – as I’m still feeling really awful. I’m feeling better than I was yesterday, which is a great thing, I still woke up exhausted. I’m listening to my body and resting, but I admit I’m pretty bored by about noon after I’ve read all the Internet.

If you’d like to chat about formulating, here’s a link to my super secret general discussion chat over on Discord, reserved for you, my lovely subscribers to talk about all things formulating! Join in the conversation any time you want, not just when I’m here, as it’s turned into quite a lively community of people sharing and laughing and having fun.

The next Discord chat I have planned is for Wednesday, July 15, 2020, at noon PDT (Vancouver time).

Click this link to see the Zoom workshops and Discord chats I have planned for the next few weeks or so.

This is just a random list of things that have kept me entertained or interested over the last week…

Stepan’s Look Book – Curly Hair Collection & Spa Day Collection with some really great formulas!

And a few articles I found interesting…

Why do hand sanitizers smell so awful? (New York Times, but not paywalled)

The Problems With Palm Oil Don’t Start With My Recipes (Medium, may need account if you’ve exceeded the number of free articles for the month)

Homemade, natural sunscreens may leave you risking a burn (CBC news)

BBC short documentary – The truth about my make-up, a story about palm oil 

YouTube video

Finally, I can’t recommend enough the videos from the Institute for Personal Care Science (Australia) if you’re looking for professional formulations and advice. They have a great YouTube channel, and if you write to them, they’ll send you links to their formulas. They’ve started a Patreon, if you’re interested in seeing more. 

Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe! I’m going to lay down and cuddle a small dog for a bit.

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