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Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 7, 2019
Originally issued to subscribers in August 2019


17,282 words
54 pages
22 formulas

How can we possibly make conditioners in 10 minutes? By using cold process cationic or positively charged ingredients, that’s how! Once you have everything ready to go, every formula in this e-zine takes less than 10 minutes to make from start to finish. Pretty awesome, eh?

In this e-zine, you’ll meet three cationic or positively charged emulsifiers you can use hot or cold to make rinse off, leave in, intense, and cleansing conditioners, along with starting formulations for each to create awesome conditioners, shaving lotions, and emulsions. As a bonus, we’re including a preservative comparison chart to help you make choices about which you want to use to combat contamination!

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