10 minute lotions




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 6, 2019
Originally issued to subscribers in July 2019

In this e-zine, join me to learn how to use these new, exciting cold emulsifiers that can create lotions, moisturizers, creams, and butters in less time than it takes you to gather all your ingredients! As well, I’ve included two charts with sensory characteristics charts for light and medium to heavy oils. And you’ll learn how to convert these lotions into 10 minute creamy cleansers and scrubs.

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13,240 words
48 pages
29 formulas covering five cold emulsifiers (with base formulas and modifications):

  • ViscOptima SE (aka GelMaker® RHEO),
  • Emulthix™/RM-2051,
  • Rheosol AVH,
  • Rheosol CVH E,


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Gels: Ooey Gooey Fun. You’ll learn more about Sepimax ZEN, Sepinov EMT 10, Ultrez 20, and more.
Quick break & fresh kick. I cover quite a bit about Sepimax ZEN, Sepinov EMT 10, Aristoflex AVC, and ICE Sunflower.
Using cold emulsifiers: RM-2051 (Emulthix™), Aristoflex AVC, and Sucragel AOF. The name kinda says it all.


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