Body cleansing bars you will love




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 7, 2020
Originally issued to subscribers in September 2020

69 pages,
22,417 words
14 formulas

I’ve been working on this for quite some time, but it’s finally ready – Body Cleansing Bars You Will Love! In this e-book, you’ll find formulas for solid skin cleansing bars you can follow while learning how to alter surfactants, conditioners, and emollients to create customized bars that require minimal packaging!

I’ve been thinking about this on as the spiritual successor of my e-book, Shampoo bars you will love: Creating pH balanced bars, as it incorporates not only what I’ve learned over 14 years of formulating, but what I’ve learned from watching you, my lovely readers, creating formulas and asking questions about the ingredients, process, substitutions, and final results of those products.

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