Combining emollients to make friends and influence people – part 1


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vol. 3, 2023
Originally issued to subscribers April of 2023

141 pages 

Over 42,800 words! 

25+ formulas and modifications to emulsions and anhydrous whipped body butters! 

We’re taking a look at how the sensory and physical characteristics of emollients affect the products we make, from emulsions to anhydrous butters. We’ll learn all about liquid oils, solid oils, butters, esters, triglycerides, emulsifiers, and so much more, and how their properties alter the skin feel, viscosity, slip, glide, drag, cushion, lubricity, melting point, and all those other things that make our products feel great! 

There’s so much more information than you can imagine in this e-book – with brand new, never before seen sections on triglycerides and creating anhydrous whipped butters – and it includes all these reference and comparison charts! 

  • So many sensory characteristic and physical characteristic comparison charts for liquid emollients, solid oils and butters, solid esters, structuring agents, esters, as well as commonly found emulsifiers! 
  • Table of spreading values and viscosity for various liquid emollients 
  • Blank sensory characteristic chart so you can analyze your own formulas! 
  • Iodine value charts for liquid emollients, solid oils, and butters 
  • Melting point charts for fatty acids
  • Melting point and fatty acid charts for triglycerides
  • Triglycerides in butters chart
  • And formulas for making all kinds of lotions and whipped butters! 

Part one was issued for subscribers April 2023 with part two in May 2023 and part three in June 2023. There will be a special edition omnibus released in the store for July 2023. 

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