Combining emollients to make friends and influence people – part 2




vol. 4, 2023
Originally issued to subscribers June of 2023

At 161 pages and over 50,000 words, this is my longest monthly e-book yet!

This month it’s all about viscosity and the impact it has on the sensory characteristics of our ingredients and final products. We’re taking a closer look at how the triglyceride profile of an oil or butter makes it feel the way it does, and how the melting points of these ingredients affect the viscosity of our products and the sensory characteristics.

You’ll find so much, never-before-seen information on oils and butters, including triglyceride profiles of all kinds, including apricot kernel, grapeseed, olive, evening primrose, and soy bean oils, and many butters, as well as melting profiles for our solid oils and butters.

We have a massive section on emollients that don’t contain triglycerides, like hydrocarbons and esters, and why they feel so much lighter and thinner than our natural oils.

There are more charts than you can imagine so you can learn everything you wanted to know about viscosity so you can make awesome, gorgeous, silky, slippery, smooth, non-greasy products that feel amazing on our skin.

All of this, plus a whopping 28 formulas for body oils, dry brushing oils, facial serums, and lotions? Wow!

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