Conditioner bars you will love




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 8, 2020
Originally issued to subscribers in October 2020

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Over 23,000 words

22 formulas, including a detailed analysis of the base formula

66 pages 

I am so excited to finally present to you my newest e-book – Conditioner bars you will love! – something I’ve been working on for quite some time. This e-book contains everything I’ve learned about making, using, and teaching conditioner bars over the last 14 years – all the questions, comments, suggestions, and everything else you might want to know about them. 

I’ve included formulas on creating greener, more natural, vegan, and plant-based conditioner bars along with information to help you adapt your current formulas. You’ll find ways to increase the detangling properties, emollience, and hydration. This e-book contains my favourite conditioner bar formulas with loads of information on how to customize these bars to work with your specific hair type. I’ve even included a pre-wash bar full of detangling and moisturizing ingredients! 

There are so many benefits to using conditioner bars: This e-book will help you create luxurious, decadent, super-emollient packaging-free hair care products without sacrificing quality or using subpar ingredients. 


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