Creating (mostly) natural emulsions with Olivem 1000


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Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry vol. 2, 2023
Originally issued to subscribers February 2023

33,047 words
100 pages
27 formulas – five base formulas with loads of alterations to teach you how to customize your lotions

All of this and so so many charts, including the emulsifier comparison chart, the massive extended sensory comparison chart for liquid emollients, the butter comparison chart, the thickener comparison chart, and an updated thickener/butter comparison chart along with an updated preservative comparison chart. So much information!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about creating Olivem 1000 emulsions with loads of information on liquid crystal emulsions, lamellar gel networks, and creating awesome, mostly naturally compliant emulsions along with all kinds of formulas for hand & body lotion, thicker hand & body lotion, body butter, a cream or two (including a foot cream), and facial moisturizer, plus so much on how to customize these formulas to include the oils, butters, thickeners, and other ingredients you love most.

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