Creating oily gels, scrubs & balms with with Sapogel Q




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 9, 2021
Originally issued to October 2021 $10 subscribers

This e-book is about making more naturally compliant, natural, or organic palm-free oily gel formulas using Sapogel Q (also found as NatraSap Q™), a unique oil gelling ingredient composed of saponins, glycerin, and water. Create unique oil-to-milk cleansers, lip, body, and facial scrubs that rinse cleanly away, leaving behind a moisturized, lotion-y, non-greasy skin feel. 

The stats: 30 formulas, almost 23,000 words over 70 pages

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to formulate all kinds of oily gels with oils, waxes, and butters to create balms; lip balms, masks, and scrubs; body and facial scrubs with instructions on how to modify these to become hair/scalp scrubs. 

I’ve also included huge comparison charts for carrier oils, esters, and hydrocarbons; butters and solid oils; and waxes to help you make choices about the emollients you want to use in your formulas.

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