Moist, second edition: The requenchening!




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 4, 2021
Originally issued to $10 subscribers for April 2021

I’m so excited to share the second edition of one of my favourite e-books, revised with everything I’ve learned over the past three years about humectants along with nine new write-ups for a total of 22 ingredient reviews! You’ll get an exclusive, 4 page, never-before-seen comparison chart for all these humectants too.

The stats? Almost 30,000 words, 87 pages, with an exclusive, 4 page, never-before-seen chart comparing 22 humectants!

I’ve also included information on how to use humectants as solvents to dissolve salicylic acid and preservatives, along with a formula for a foaming facial cleanser with salicylic acid, three formulas for deodorants, and six formulas for micellar waters!

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