My favourite formulas of 2020


40 formulas for cold process lotions, body butters, emulsified scrub bars for feet & body, hydrating hair mister, and foaming amaranth facial cleanser



Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 10, 2020
Originally issued to subscribers in December 2020

This month’s e-book, My favourite formulas of 2020, was my way of looking back over a year that was pretty uniquely terrible for all of us and focusing on the things I loved, like emulsified scrub bars for body and feet, a thick decadent minty cold processed foot lotion, a quick emulsified body butter for those colder or drier months, my favourite in-between washes hydrating hair mister, and a foaming amaranth facial cleanser full of emollients and humectants!

In this month’s e-book, you’ll find…

  • Almost 20,000 words over 64 pages
  • 40 formulas for cold process lotions and body butters along with emulsified scrub bars for feet and body and a hydrating hair mister good for most hair types.
  • Two huge comparison charts for preservatives and for fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and fatty esters.

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