Oh the weather outside is frightful: Winter skin & hair products


24 formulas for winter lip balms, whipped butters, hair conditioner, hot oil treatment, facial moisturizer, hand & body butter,  manicure balm, manicure scrub, emulsified sugar scrub, body wash, winter hand protectant, and more!

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Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 1, 2021
Originally issued to subscribers in January 2021

Yay, it’s here, the new e-book for January 2021 – Oh the weather outside is frightful: Winter hair & skin products! We started revised one of my first and favourite e-books I shared way back in January 2017 to include links to the blog and such, and I decided to more than double the size by adding all kinds of winter formulas I’ve created and loved in the last four years.

The stats: 82 pages, just over 26,000 words, and 24 formulas for everything from winter lip balms and whipped butters to hair conditioners and hot oil treatments to facial and body lotions, butters, and moisturizers.

The details: Oh the weather outside is frightful, but we can chase away Jack Frost and his windy minions with some great products customized for these colder, winter months. Learn to make and modify formulas using a variety of oils, butters, waxes, emulsifiers, and other ingredients to protect your skin, nails, lips, and hair from all the elements. I’ve updated this version to include some concepts from combining emollients so you’ll make less greasy, less draggy products, like lip balms and manicure balms, and we’re using rheology modifiers to create thicker, less greasy facial moisturizers.

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