Quick break & fresh kick




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 5, 2019
originally issued to subscribers in May 2019

table of contents

43 pages
Almost 12,000 words
21 formulas with suggestions for modifications

I’ve been obsessed with ways to describe the sensory experiences we have with our ingredients, and with summer upon us, I wanted to share how to make products with a cooling, fresh kick and a watery quick break.

Both of these terms come from a more minimalist point-of-view about skin care, less about occlusion and thick lotions and more about gels, hydro-gels, thinner moisturizers. Instead of using oil soluble fatty alcohols, butters, and fatty acids to thicken, we rely on water soluble gums, gels, and other rheology modifiers in small quantities to increase viscosity that will break when we rub them on our skin, offering us a lovely hydrating splash of water.

In this e-zine, I want to introduce you to some of the ingredients we can use to create these sensory experiences, and offer some basic formulas so you can try these in your workshop to get an idea of what this all means and how you can incorporate it into your formulating. My hope is that you’ll get to know what this sensory experience is all about by creating a few different thing that offer it, then you can make some modifications to them with the ingredients you have in your workshop.


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