Shiny Things, volume 3: Ingredients that distracted me




Adventures in cosmetic chemistry, volume 10, 2019
Originally issued to subscribers in November 2019

It’s been a wonderful year of adding new ingredients to my workshop, and in this e-zine, I’m sharing my process and base formulas for trying new ingredients in warm and cold lotions, hair conditioners, moisturizers, and more, and playing with five new ingredients – tamanu oil, cloudberry seed oil, Iselux Ultra mild surfactant blend, a cationic polymer called Poly Suga Quat L-1010 P, and bee’s milk, a water soluble beeswax emulsion – in all kinds of products.

Wow, this is a long e-zine! More than 19,000 words, 63 pages, and so many formulas, including a number of basic formulas so you can create your own prototypes with new ingredients you add to your workshop!

You’ll also receive my blank sensory characteristics chart so you can start categorizing and comparing your ingredients. (Found in the e-zine.)

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