Surfactants: Body washes & shower gels




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 4, 2020
Originally issued to subscribers in May 2020

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Over 26,000 words and 67 pages with over 30 formulas for making body washes and shower gels from scratch!

You’ll learn how to customize them, and I’ve included seven surfactant blend profiles, a surfactant blend comparison chart, and a preservative chart for those we can use with surfactants to help you make these creations your own! You’ll learn how to thicken your products – Crothix doesn’t work for everything – and create large batches you can colour and fragrance whenever the mood strikes you!

I’ve also included sections on testing and altering pH, and adding and removing ingredients, like conditioners, floral waters, hydrosols, botanical extracts, and more so you can create exactly the right product for you.
Psst, here’s a little secret – most of these work very well as liquid shampoos and hand cleansers, too! Woo! So really, you’re getting three things for the price of one! Oh, wait, I use conditioners in mine, so it’s four great things!

If you have kids bored at home right now, make up batches of body wash and let them make lots of little bottles they can colour and fragrance themselves. Make sure to have loads of stickers, markers, and other decorations so they can create their own names and labels to go with their fancy products! (Better to make four small bottles than one big bottle for more naming and colouring fun!)


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