The big book of preservatives, part one – Fundamentals and formulating




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 2, 2021
Originally issued to subscribers in February 2021

Almost 20,000 words over 67 pages! 

In part one of this two part series, you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of preservation you’ll need to keep your products protected from contamination. You’ll learn everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask – what’s in my preservatives, how do they work, how do I choose the right one for the product I’m making, does pH affect their efficacy, and so much more! You’ll learn how to select the right packaging, follow the principles of hurdle technology for naturally compliant preservatives, learn more about good manufacturing processes, and how and why to get your products tested when you’re ready to sell, and then we’ll work through two formulas to select the best preservation system for each one. 

This e-book also includes a huge, exclusive comparison chart of 18 of the most popular traditional and naturally compliant preservatives, along with a checklist for assessing the suitability of your preservatives for the product you’re making. And I’ve gathered information on where to have your products challenged tested ‘round the world! 

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Watch for part two of this series, volume 3, 2021, in March 2021.


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