The big book of preservatives, part two – The charts


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Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 3, 2021
Originally issued to subscribers in March 2021

The stats: 15,745 words with 39 charts over 79 pages

In this massive e-book, The big book of preservatives, part two – The charts, you’ll meet and learn about preservatives of all kinds. There’re 39 comparison charts, all of which include information on electrical charge, suggested usage, heat tolerance, compatibilities and incompatibilities, and so much more, allowing you to make the best choices for keeping your products safe until well after the “best before” date. Learn all kinds of “things to know about preservatives before you start”, like what kind of contamination can affect our products and how to use hurdle technology with naturally compliant formulas.

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Look for part one of this series, The big book of preservatives, part one – Fundamentals & formulating volume 2, 2021, from February 2021. 


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