Quick update on the blog for the end of November/first week of December

Hi everyone! Just a quick update after the update from last week: I’m experiencing those ongoing hand and arm spasms that make it really hard to type, use a trackpad, peck something out on the iPad keyboard, holding a pen, using a fork or chopsticks, and so much more. (Things are getting better, so that’s good, right?)

We’ve also lost our assistant, who helped me with e-books and the blog, doing all the linking and cleaning them up for sharing with you.

On top of all of this, we’ve gone through the first of what might be three horrible storms that have shut down our highways here in the Fraser Valley, B.C., and flooded the areas around us, which are still flooded from the storm two weeks ago. Worse, we’re due for at least one more brutal one Tuesday or Wednesday and maybe another one after that?

Because we need to be on alert for the floods and such and because I need to focus on resting my arms and hands as much as I can, we’re unexpectedly taking the rest of this week off to around Tuesday, December 7th. This isn’t to say you won’t see posts – I have some prepared and waiting for a thing or two, like photos or something someone else could provide for me, and I’ve been learning how to dictate so I can do some questions & answers kind of things – but that they aren’t likely to be every day.

I might be late on the coupons for our suppliers for December 1st as they require a lot of linking and scrolling and such, but I’ll do my best.

Raymond is still working hard on all your tech support and other questions, but he’s the only one in the house who can work the pump to get the water out of our crawlspace, so he’s not able to put as many hours in as he normally would, so we ask for your patience if you require help.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. It’s been a bizarre year with the heat dome in late June to these storms in November, and the pandemic on top of that. We are so grateful that you continue to support us and join us here on the blog through all of it!