Welcome to December! 

I love December! It is, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year for me! My mom’s birthday is today, the first; on the 16th, we adopted little puppy Sasja; on the 19th, it’s my unofficial dating anniversary with Raymond (25 years!); on the 21st, it’s my birthday; of course we have Christmas; then on the 31st, it’s the day I was adopted at 10 days old. It’s a month of fun, laughter, presents, food, and friends.

You can tell I’m a December baby – I do love the cold. Where I live in Canada, we don’t usually get a lot of snow, and we’re so unaccustomed to it, we don’t have snow tires and aren’t really adept at driving in it. I always say that when someone says it’s easy to drive in the snow, just watch out for the other drivers, that I am the “other driver” about whom you have to worry!

I wear shorts or short pants almost all year ’round as it’s so warm everywhere! My old office, my clients’ homes, the places I teach – they all have the temperature up high. Although this year, there was a natural gas pipeline burst, and they’re suggesting we turn the heat down to 18˚C or 64.4˚F when we’re out of the house or sleeping, but we’re way ahead of them there as this is normal for us. (If you come to visit, don’t worry as we have many cuddly blankets to share.)

When we were in Calgary it was very cold – -11 ˚C with snow, which was awesome! – and I did wear pants when we were walking around the zoo. But when I went to Windy Point Soap to teach, I always wore shorts as I tend to move around a lot and overheat! 

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I’m so excited you’re joining me for December!