Welcome to July 2021 (aka The Sunpocalypse): Summer-izing your workshop and products, links to summer products series, and more!

Welcome to July! We’re halfway through the year! And it’s summer, my very least favourite season of the year with all its hotness and heat and sun and more heat. We’ve been experiencing record breaking, “once in a millennium” heat where I live, breaking records every day, and we’ve seen the hottest day in history on record in my town at 45˚C (113˚F) and in Canada (in Lytton, about 124 km or 77 miles north of here, it measured a terrifying 49.7˚C, 121.5˚F, hotter than the hottest day in Las Vegas by 3˚F to 4˚F, depending on the official-ness of the measurement) – but even with normal summer temperatures, it’s wise to summer-ize your workshop and your products so they can make it through the season.

If the melting point of lauryl laurate, a simple, solid ester, is 23˚C to 30°C (73˚F to 96°F), what’s the temperature of my workshop if it’s liquid? Yep, as of 9 pm Friday, June 25th, it was 33.5˚C (92.3˚F), and at 8 am Monday morning when I took the photo at the top, it was 28˚C (82.4˚F) and rising, which means so many things are trying to become liquid back there – coconut oil, babassu oil, cetyl ricinoleate. Fortunately, I have a fridge with a tiny freezer back there, so I’ve been able to store the more melting-at-slightly-higher-than-room-temperature ingredients in there for the summer.

This morning, it was a balmy 24˚C or 76˚F, which is still far far too warm and the lauryl laurate is still liquid, but it had a solid layer on the top!

If you can’t put your ingredients into a fridge, remember that a cool, dark place away from sunlight is a good option for ingredients that can be affected by light, like our oils, butters, and other natural emollients. Both heat and light can cause oxidation in our products – learn more about this in the anti-oxidants & rancidity section of the blog.

Oxidation isn’t something you want. It won’t bring heat and light energy into your body, which is something I read by someone who was touted as an expert on oils. It will only bring grossness and foul odours. 

Here are a few  of my summer posts from previous years! Check out the tag “summer” to find more or do a search for the word “summer. As well, check out last month’s e-book – Learning to formulate: Body milks and light lotions – as well as the e-books, Vital Vacation Products and Summer Products.

Heat-proofing your whipped butters! (Summer 2020 version)

Ingredients that’ll make your skin feel cooler

What do we want in a summer products? Some ideas and a formula for a 98.5% to 99.5% naturally compliant Olivem 1000 summer body milk with tamanu oil.

Peppermint & chamomile cooling spray – one of my all time favourites!

Creating a light hydrating summer body milk with Olivem 1000 – part one

Creating a light hydrating summer body milk with Olivem 1000 – part two

Creating a light hydrating summer body lotion with Olivem 1000 – part three, thickening with fatty alcohols, acids, and esters

Acids, bases, and pH – oh my! Creating a light, non-greasy summer weight lotion with Varisoft EQ 65 (part one, the water phase)

Acids, bases, and pH – oh my! Creating a light, non-greasy summer weight lotion with Varisoft EQ 65 (part two, the oil phase)

Acids, bases, and pH – oh my! Creating a light, non-greasy summer weight lotion with Varisoft EQ 65 (part three, formula and pH)

Summer products: 10 minute strawberry & honey parfait with ViscOptima SE, part one

Summer products: 10 minute summer lotion with ViscOptima SE, part two – hydrosols, floral waters & fruit essences

Summer products: 10 minute summer lotion with ViscOptima SE, part three – botanical extracts

Summer products: 10 minute strawberry & honey parfait with ViscOptima SE, part four – altering the emollients

Modifying products for summer: Making a cold process, mostly naturally compliant, more hydrating lotion with babassu oil

Modifying products for summer: Making a warm process, more hydrating, more occlusive lotion with babassu oil and Incroquat BTMS-50

Making a cooling spray – part 1 (updated)

Making a cooling spray – part 2 (updated)

Making a cooling spray – part 3 (updated)

Super extra aloe-y apres sun spray! 

What’s going on this month on the blog? 

I had hoped to do some Zoom workshops over June through August, but it’s far too hot in my workshop to allow for that at the moment, so I’ll have to see when it “cools down” what’s tolerable. I’ll keep you updated here on the blog! (Sorry, we missed June for the same reason – it’s just too darned hot!)

I am hoping to get some time to write up the rest of the Newbie Tuesday and Formulating Friday series for Olivem 1000 so we can finish it up by the end of the month. Sorry it’s taking so long – I really over-estimated how much time I’d have to write those, experiment in the workshop, and test formulas I’ve had for ages along with the other things I have to do every month.

I’m thinking of starting a new Newbie Tuesday and Formulating Friday series in September and it seems like you’d like to know more about surfactants and how to make liquid shampoo, facial cleansers, body washes, bubble baths, and more? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll start getting the shopping list together and working on the posts. This would be a longer series as part of learning how to use them is to make the same product with different surfactants to see how they work as well as trying new thickeners and rheology modifiers.

I’m still working on sharing formulas from what accidentally become isomer month with all those esters and hydrocarbons, so you’ll see more from them shortly.

And, very excitingly, I have some formulas I’ve been watching for as long as two years that I’m hoping to get written up with photos to share.

Of course, there are always new ingredients to share with you, like new powdered surfactants, liquid surfactants, cold emulsifiers, actives, extracts, and so so much more, and you’ll see more of it!

Finally, due to the absolutely overwhelming and baffling amount of rudeness and entitlement I’ve been experiencing on social media this month, the Messenger function of the blog Facebook page has been disabled. If you wish to get in touch with me, please use the contact me page or comment in the monthly Q&A, the latter being the priority when it comes to answering questions or helping you with formulas.

As we do every month…

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