Welcome to June 2019!

Sorry I’m a day late with this post, but I was teaching at Voyageur Soap & Candle yesterday! If you want to receive notifications when the new class schedules come out for Voyageur, Windy Point Soap Making Supplies, or other locations at which I might reach, click here to sign up for that newsletter. I think all but one of my classes at Voyageur is full for the summer?

I say this every month, but I can’t believe it’s June already! I swear I’m just getting accustomed to saying “it’s May”, then it’s June! Time goes way too fast around here!

Our house is freezing cold thanks to the new central air conditioning we had installed – I know, my life is so hard, eh? – so I can use most of my house in the horrible depths of summer when it hits 35˚C, but feels like 41˚C, and the skies are so smoky we can’t go outside for more than a few minutes. Welcome to summer! ARGH!

If your don’t have your oils and butters and other things that can go rancid in a cool, dark place, get them into a fridge or freezer to keep them from being totally gross in a few weeks. And get your coconut oil and babassu oil into a safe place: They melt at 24˚C to 76˚C, which is pretty much room temperature in my house from now to mid-September, and if you have them in a box on their side and they leak – well, let’s say this has happened to me more than once, and it’s awful!

I’ll be sharing some ideas about how to heatproof our products for these awful summer months!

As a note about subscriptions: If you cancel your June subscription after you’ve paid for it – it comes out around midnight Pacific time on the 1st of the month – filing with PayPal or Stripe that it was an unauthorized transaction is simply untrue. If you cancel your subscription at 4 am or 4 pm on the 1st, it’s too late to cancel for June as it is already June. It isn’t an unauthorized transaction as you approved it, you just changed your mind after the payment went through.

If you have a problem with your membership, please write to us and treat us like human beings who want to help you solve your problem instead of treating us like enemies who are conspiring to keep your ill-gotten $1. It’s not only a pretty mean thing to do, but it’s dishonest to claim it was an unauthorized transaction when we can prove you authorized it and just changed your mind too late.

I can’t believe I have to keep saying that we’re human beings and that we want to be treated as such, but you wouldn’t believe the garbage we have to go through every single month. I feel like writing that today there won’t be a post because Jane Smith changed her mind about her subscription on the 5th, and filed with PayPal for $1, and I had to spend an hour defending myself. I’m kinda done being nice when I lose valuable writing, formulating, teaching, or even sleeping time to these silly disputes. 

I encourage all of you to check out the member-to-member super happy caring & sharing post for June. It’s an absolute joy to see how much you’re all sharing and connecting and creating community here. Thank you for being so awesome to each other and to us!

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