Welcome to November 2019

I always feel sorry for poor old November. It’s isn’t a really exciting month, more like the speed bump on the way to December, my favourite month of the year! It’s the month where I start paring down the “Make things for Christmas” list, realizing there isn’t time to make a quilt, prepare 50 Christmas cakes, and re-paint the house, and settle for making a few dishcloths, buying a cake, and re-painting my nails, if I remember.

I’m starting this month with a minor bout of the flu – I had a major one three years ago, and although I’m feeling lousy, it’s not THAT bad! eek! – so I’m a bit late with the posts. I apologize for that. I have so many things drafted, but they need more than a few minutes to make them blog-worthy, and I haven’t had the energy to hold up my iPad long enough to write more than a few sentences.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a few things, if you have a moment…

  1. Do you want to see some specific formulas you could give away as presents this year? If so, what are you interested in making?
  2. Are you interested in starting up the Newbie Tuesday series again? I was thinking of starting a weekly “Beyond Emulsifying Wax” series where we could take a look at making lotions without using Polawax or e-wax. I could put together a shopping list and we could be ready to go in January. I was also thinking about a series on elevating your anhydrous products beyond simple lotion bars, whipped body butters, and such. What do you think?
  3. Is it better for me to set up the next chemistry series here on the blog or as part two of the introduction to chemistry course (which is free to all subscribers!)?

FOR NOVEMBER…For all members, thanks for continuing to join me here on the blog! And don’t forget about the Member-to-member super happy wonderful sharing & caring post (November 2019), open to everyone!

As a note, I’m continuing the posts from October because I’m just too exhausted to write them up again this month. Sorry!

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