Welcome to September 2022!

Happy September! After what feels like a lifetime of attending school, I think of this more as the new year than I do January 1. Weekend before Labour Day, I’d spend the time promising myself that I’d be more organized, that I’d keep my binders tidier, that my desk wouldn’t become another flat space I abuse with things teetering on top of other things. And so this year, it’s time for me to take stock and get organized.

Every month I make plans for what I’m going to share, and I haven’t really been sticking to the plan very well. I’m afraid I’m addicted to shiny things that lead me into rabbit holes that become underground caverns of awesomeness in which I get lost very easily. Honestly, it’s great fun and I end up learning much more than expected, which means I can share even more about a topic with you, but it results in having a lot of not-quite-finished posts and series that sit in my massive “formulas 2022 official” document waiting for their turn to be completed.

My posts are so much more complicated than they used to be as I include information and charts on sensory characteristics, combining emollients, preservative selection, substitution suggestions, at least three variations on the formulas, really detailed instructions, and so much more. Something that would have been a 1,000 word, single post in 2015 is now a five post series to give you all the options I can. I don’t want to share the first post until I’ve completely edited and finished the final one, and it can be as simple as not having great photos or not being able to find the ingredient in the workshop again.

Combined with my ongoing health stuff – the 50,000 km tune-up continues with appointments for my neurologist, pain doctor, and pain clinic for an epidural as well as my usual stuff, like massage, and annual optometrist goings-on – I need to take some time off and get those things done. (Things are getting better, yay!)

In short, I’m taking time away from the site from Monday, September 5 to September 18, back Monday, September 19th. There will be posts during this time as I start up a series or two, and I’ll be sharing some of my favourite formulas as we clean up and inventory the workshop and office, finding all kinds of sample bottles that fell by the wayside, but I’m not planning to have something up every day.

We’ll still be here for technical support, but your email to me through the “contact me” form will be going into a folder to be answered in the order in which it’s received. It’s probably a better choice if you’re writing to me about ingredients and formulas to put it in the monthly Q&A as those take priority over email for answers.

What’s happening here around the site?

See above…

As things are in such chaos, I have no idea what’s happening until I get more organized. I hope to have a more concrete plan by mid-September I can share then!

As we do every month on the blog…

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Thanks for joining us this month! How are you getting organized for the pseudo-New Year? Are you already planning market sales or presents for upcoming holidays or birthdays?

What fragrances do you prefer for autumn or spring? I’m excited about vanilla pumpkin marshmallow and these new cereal ones!

Share your thoughts and everything else in the comments!