We’re home…and absolutely exhausted…

We made it home from England early this morning after the longest day of our lives that took us from Liverpool to Manchester, then to Paris, Toronto, and, finally, Vancouver. (Friday, March 20th lasted 30 hours for us with all the time zone jumping.) 🛫✈️🛬

Because we have most definitely been exposed to the Coronavirus repeatedly as we were crammed in shoulder-to-shoulder at every possibility with little-to-no access to hand sanitizers or masks for 27 hours, we’re in quarantine at home for two weeks🤬🤯😷

As I can’t sleep on planes and only had three hours’ sleep before setting off, I’m a wreck. None of us show signs of being ill, but that trip plus jet lag is kicking my bum and I need some rest for a few days. I apologize for not thanking each of you individually for all your good thoughts and wishes for our return home, but hope you know how much we appreciate it. And thanks for your patience in advance as I’m unlikely to be answering email, messages, or comments for a few days. 🤗🤘🏻