You can get all kinds of cold emulsifiers at Windy Point Soap in Canada! Woo!

You know how I’m currently obsessed with cold process emulsifiers? I’m happy to say we have them in Canada now! Yep, Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary is carrying…

Jeequat NDCS Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier – you know, the one I used for my epic level conditioner!

Jeesperse ICE-T CIS-2 Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier – a new conditioning agent that can be used to make sprayable lotions and conditioners, as well as thicker, intense conditioners or body butters. We just met this one the other day, and I have formulas I’ll be sharing here and teaching in my classes at Windy Point Soap in September!

Jeesperse ICE-T CPCS Conditioning Cold Process Emulsifier – the other one you can use in my epic level conditioner!

Jeesperse ICE-T-LB-T-NS Cold Process Emulsifier – an anionic one great for making lotions, creams, and all kinds of quick emulsions!

These are all the new ones you saw in my latest e-zines, 10 minute lotions (July 2019) and 10 minute conditioners (August 2019)

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I’ll be teaching how to use all these emulsifiers and more during my week of classes at Windy Point Soap from September 14 to 22, 2019! Click here to see more on the blog or click here to see more from Windy Point Soap!

As an aside, this isn’t an ad, sponsored content, or a bunch of affiliate links. I’m sharing this with you as I’m super happy and as an informational post about where to get things!

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