Are you ready for another cosmetic chemistry coffee klatch?

Are you ready for another cosmetic chemistry coffee klatch? Come join us on Sunday, February 23rd at Decades Coffee Club in Chilliwack for an afternoon of hanging out and talking formulating, sharing ideas, and having a laugh with people who love creating things as much as you do! It’s about spending some time with people who won’t look at us blankly or just nod and smile when we go on rants about what a pain it is to alter the pH of a body wash or raves about how awesome cold emulsifiers are! It’s about creating community!

If you’re thinking of coming, could you comment as I need to know if I should book the room or not?

If you can’t come this time, we’re hoping to do this every other month, so look for suggested dates for April or May.

Sunday, February 23, from noon to 3 pm at Decades Coffee Club, 45846 Wellington Ave, Chilliwack.

Directions: Take exit 119 on the highway. You’ll be turning left, going north. That’s Yale Road. Drive on that road for about 5 minutes until there’s a fork after Hodgins, keep left. You’ll reach a set of lights where you can only go left. That’s Wellington Avenue. Turn left, and the parking lot for Decades is on your left.

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