Bioterge® AS-90

Bioterge® AS-90 is the powdered version of sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate that’s also found in liquid form. (I use Bioterge® AS-40, but there are other kinds).

It’s an anionic or negatively charged surfactant that offers mild cleansing. As it’s great for removing sebum gently, it’s great for normal to oily hair or skin. I like to use it at 10% or so in my formulas for oily or acne prone skin for this reason.

It has great flash foam – making it great for inclusion in bubble baths – good lather, and good bubbles. It’s good with hard water or soap.

It has a pH of 9 to 10, which is alkaline and needs to be reduced for products used on hair or skin, but is fine for bubble baths or bath bombs.

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