Blueberry seed oil

Sensory-wise, it’s a slightly thicker, slightly greasy feeling oil with great slip and glide, good cushion, good lubricity, and little to no drag. It starts off lubricious, but dries down to feel non-greasy as you apply it. It feels lightly occlusive on my skin, I know I’ve applied an oil, but it’s not greasy. or shiny. An hour later, I can still feel it on my skin when applied neat. It feels luxurious, but not super heavy. It reminds me of pomegranate oil in that it has that decadent luxurious feeling when I’m applying it, but a few minutes later, all I feel is moisturizing awesomeness.

Shelf life: 6 to 12 month shelf life, keep in a cool, dark place. Do not freeze.

The blueberry seed oil I have from Formulator Sample Shop* is cold pressed and refined, the very palest of yellows. This oil is upcycled, created from blueberry seeds that would otherwise be thrown away, used to create something pretty darned awesome for our products!

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