Coffee butter

Coffee butter (INCI: Hydrogenated soy oil (and) Coffee arabica seed oil (and) Tocopherol) is a hydrogenated butter. Out of the jar it has a very rich coffee fragrance thanks to the coffee seed oil. It feels slightly silky and almost dry when used neat on the skin, and it’s a great addition to a lotion or body butter thanks to this quality.

How can we use coffee butter? You can use it as you would any other butter in anhydrous products like whipped butters or emulsified products like lotions, body butters, or creams. It’s great in an emulsified scrub in the shower, too.

I don’t recommend it as the only butter in something like a lotion bar as it’s a little on the softer side, and it doesn’t offer the structure to a solid product that we really want. You could use it as the liquid part of a lotion bar, though, and it would smell amazing.

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