CreamMaker™ Green Coffee Emulsifier

Also known as AE Emulsipure™ Green Coffee emulsifier (INCI: Coffee arabica seed oil, c12-18 alkyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, stearic  acid). It’s a non-ionic emulsifier that’s readily biodegradable. It’s suitable for products with pH 4 to 9, and has a melting point of 60˚C or 140˚F. Use it at 3% to 5% to emulsify around 20% oils, although it could do higher quantities. It’s vegan friendly, gluten free. And it definitely smells like coffee right out of the bag. 

It has a slightly powdery, less-greasy skin feel that has some nice occlusion to it. In a lotion, you don’t need to add a thickener for this because it already contains cetearyl alcohol and stearic acid to do that job, but in the emulsified scrub, we need it to be thicker. 

You can use it anywhere you’d use Polawax, e-wax NF, Simulsol/Lotionpro™ 165, and other non-ionic emulsifiers.

I found mine at Making Cosmetics (USA)*

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