Dimethicone is is a non-volatile, silky, smooth, velvety, powdery, matte, non-draggy, occlusive silicone you can add to your hair and body care ingredients. In body care products, it works as a barrier ingredient, emollient, lubricant, carrier/diluent, detackifier, and occlusive skin protectant that provides water resistance.


In hair care, it improves wet and dry combing, increases shine, improves hair feel, increases softness), reduces static charge, and works as a humidity resistor or anti-frizz product. It can help keep curls from frizzing, so it works well for curly hair types. Dimethicone 5 cs, 6 cs, and 350 cs won’t weigh down fine hair, so it’s great for volumizing products.

Higher viscosity emollients with lower surface tension, like dimethicone 350 cs will be easier to spread than high viscosity emollients with higher surface tension, like castor oil or avocado oil. They’ll have a rich, lubricious skin feel with loads of cushion and emollience, and they’ll feel like they’re on your skin quite a while later. (Combining emollients, Part 5: Surface tension)

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