Sodium cocoyl methyl isethionate

Sodium cocoyl methyl isethionate (SCMI) is found in flake format. It’s offers gentle cleansing and good rinse ability, great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and baby/toddler’s skin. Its skin irritation is lower than SCI, which is already pretty excellent.

This solid surfactant is considered gentle to mild, and offers thick, dense, creamy, luxurious foam; excellent thick lather; and good bubbles.  It doesn’t strip skin of its oils, offers gentle cleansing, and rinses off easily to leave behind a conditioned skin and hair feel. It has great flash foam for making bubble bath type products. It works well in hard water, rinsing from skin and hair well, and doesn’t build up soap scum. It has a pH of 5 to 7, which is perfect, and 80% active, with the rest in the form of fatty acids, fatty esters, and salts.

The pH of the final product must be pH 4.5 to 8.5 to avoid hydrolysis or ruining of the surfactant.

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