Learning to formulate: Themes part one




Adventures in Cosmetic Chemistry, volume 10, 2021
Originally issued to December 2021 $10 subscribers

I’m so excited to present my new e-book to you for December 2021, Learning to formulate: Themes, part one.

The stats…
27 formulas!
Almost 27,000 words!
91 pages!

Join me as we take a look at modifying your products and formulas to include concepts, themes, and ingredients you like. We’re modifying formulas to be more about Canada, honey & bees, tea, coffee, and tropical getaways with ideas on how to modify them further for beer and goat’s milk along with a few other countries.

Inside you’ll find formulas with analyses for…

6 foaming hand cleansers!
4 emulsified body butters!
4 volumizing hair conditioners!
7 emulsified exfoliating scrub formulas!
6 bubble bath formulas!

I’m sharing everything I know about labelling, fragrancing, colouring, packaging, decorating, and moulding products so you can customize these and so many others using the ingredients you want!

It includes a printable worksheet full of questions to ask yourself when altering a formula and, for the first time, a 6 page ingredient summary chart!

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