Welcome to April 2022!

Welcome to April, time to watch the blooming of the amazing cherry and plum blossoms all over my town! So awesome a time of year! Raymond and I bought e-bikes a few days ago, and seem to spend all our time outside these days, marvelling as we see the blossoms overwhelming the trees, watching our own magnolia tree burst into flowers, giving us so much joy and happiness!

I’m obsessed with my e-bike! I’m trying to keep to on the lower power levels to get a good workout from the 20 km treks we’ve been making lately, and it’s doing my arms and hands a world of exercising goodness as I use them to hold on, brake, turn, and do all kinds of other bike related stuff.

We bought a book, Let’s Go Biking – Vancouver – that has trails for the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, and we’ve completed one so far, the Vedder Rotary Trail (20.5 km), and have plans for more. Did I mention I’m obsessed? I’ve never watched the weather so much to find an hour or two in a rainy day that we can use as biking time. I’m paying attention to nature and the trails of my community. And I’m getting some much needed exercise, which is a nice addition to the gym and aquafit classes I attend every week.

We even have a basket for little Sasja to ride in the back for trips to the dog park! She seems so happy in it, the wind in her hair, sniffing all the sniffs she can sniff.

I should note that as always, I’m sharing stories of my bikes and the link to the book above because I’m incredibly excited about them. We take absolutely no form of advertising on this site – no ads, no pop ups, no affiliate links, no sponsored content, no nothing! – thanks to your lovely monthly subscriptions. When I share something, it’s because I love it and want to share! Thank you for your continued support of this blog, keeping it ad-free and uncluttered with nonsense. 

What’s happening on the site this month? 

I’m doing better with my hands and arms with all the medication, treatment, modifications, exercise, creams, and anaesthetic, and I’ve been writing up a storm! I can’t really use my trackpad well and have to get Raymond to help with me all the links and such on the posts and in the e-books, and holding a pen is still really hard, but I can type type type all day long! Woo hoo!

We replaced all these worn out keys last year, and I think I need to do them all again, that’s how much I’ve been typing the last few months! 

I have these two series I’m working on – one on triglycerides, the other on lamellar gel networks – that I really hope you’ll see soon. I have to finish the entire series with formulas and photos and everything else before I share the first post as I would hate to not complete and leave you hanging the way George RR Martin has left me hanging for nine freakin’ years…ahem, I digress. So one of this might be up this month or early next month as I have all the diagrams ready for both series as well. (Thanks, Aoife!)

I’ve learned my lesson not to try to predict what’ll be on the blog this month as something could come along – like bikes! – and sweep me away into a completely different direction for both the posts and the e-book. 

Starting later today, you’ll see a six part series on making a 10 minute, cold process, protecting and conditioning facial moisturizer that I’ve been using when riding my bike to keep out the cold, wind, rain, and everything else, perfect for layering under sunscreen – which I’m wearing every time I’m out now because I got a sunburn on my face in late March when it was 17˚C! (Yep, deja vu as I mentioned this happened to me in mid-March 2019 when we were walking on the seaside in Liverpool, England. Have I mentioned I’m “dead pale”, almost blue at times?)

Did you want to see our reviews of some sunscreens we’ve tried? We can’t make them, so we chose a number to decide which we liked best. I’m happy to share them here, if there’s interest!

I’m writing up an eye gel I’ve been using during the less humid months that I have to share. It’s fabulous on its own or with an under eye mask!

I have another iteration of my most ever favourite epic leave in conditioner, which I ran out of so much, I had to water it down to make it through the week.

I’m hoping for more workshop time this weekend, unless it’s sunny, then BIKES! 

I’ve had some questions about when I might be teaching again, and the short answer is that I’m hoping to get some Zoom workshops planned and the lengthy hand outs written up, then I can do one or two near the end of the month, early May. They’re pretty labour intensive with the prep, writing of the handout, offering of the Zoom, then the clean up afterwards, taking up at least 10 hours in a week. I love doing them so much, but I hate the mess in the workshop and the clean up, which is brutal on my hands and arms.

As for teaching in person at Voyageur Soap & Candle, honestly…I don’t know. I can’t wear a mask for a long time because of the spasms and cramps in my head and face and it’s not safe enough to be unmasked with the wave of BA.2 arriving, so I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it’ll be until the summer. I’m definitely doing a hair care class so we can play with the Lamesoft PO 65 and Plantasil Micro in our liquid shampoo along with shampoo bars, and there’ll be a lotion making class and a facial products class. Are there classes you’d like to see?

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