Welcome to February 2022!

How is it already February 2022? It feels like it was Christmas yesterday! I’m looking forward to a bit of snow this week – not too much, please, I’d still like to get out and about to get groceries and such in my tiny car with all-season tires – and Groundhog Day on the 2nd because it’s such a silly holiday. We don’t make a big deal about Valentine’s Day around here, except when it comes to all the interesting chocolates and candy we can buy, some half-price on the 15th!

I have a course I’m working on this week – I missed last week’s live sessions – Design of lamellar gel network emulsions through the American Oil Chemists’ Society, which I learned about through my membership with the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. I took two courses through the SCC and AOCS last year – one on surfactants, emulsifiers, and polymers; the other on emollients, triglycerides, and fatty acids – both of which were awesome. I’m excited to get into this three day course and learn all I can!

As an aside, for those of you asking which courses I recommend, I recommend the ones through the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, American Oil Chemists’ Society, and the Institute of Personal Care Science. These are all incredibly well-respected organizations that offer science-based educational programs – short and long – that’ll help you learn more about formulating, offering great information on the chemistry of our ingredients and products. 

I’m still struggling with unpredictable muscle spasms and cramps in my head, arms, and hands, so I’m not going to plan for a Zoom workshop until I see if these get more under control. I was four weeks late getting my Botox this month, so that’s a new fun pain to add to the list of things I’m enduring every day, but the good news is that I had it last week, and it feels like it’s kicking in properly, so yay to that!

The gyms re-opened on January 22nd, so Raymond and I have been going to ride stationery bikes or use the pool for aquafit, which is all great stuff for helping with spasms and pain.

What’s going on around the blog?

I have an eight part series starting tomorrow on how to make liquid clarifying shampoo, which goes into all the information you’ll need to make a shampoo from scratch, then how to modify it using various actives and botanicals.

I have a few series on the go at the moment – one on conditioners, a duplication for a Garnier make-up remover, another duplication, for Dry Bar’s powdered shampoo, and one on choosing a scale – but there are others I’m currently drafting or editing, so I’m not sure which ones you’ll see this month.

I have a series on triglycerides and emollients that I’m really enjoying writing, and I hope I’ll have up shortly as it’s such important stuff when it comes to questions like “why do coconut oil and shea butter not play well together?”.

And I’ve been playing with a number of new ingredients I’m hoping to share with you – ClearHance HC (cationic conditioner), Plantasil Micro (conditioner), amla oil, buruti oil, prickly pear extract, cranberry butter, jojoba butter, olive butter, a few other butters, and more proteins like quinoa and vegetable collagen.

As we do every month on the blog…

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