Where to get supplies in Canada! (updated, 2018)

I wanted to share with you my favourite suppliers, and I hope you’ll add to the list! Please share your thoughts and experiences. Links and pictures are allowed, but I’ll remove anything that leans more towards advertising than sharing.

Voyageur Soap & Candle (Surrey, B.C.) – I love this place! They have a retail outlet, so I can visit any time I realize I’ve forgotten something on my ever growing list of things to buy (which is constantly), and they donate tons of free ingredients and packaging to my youth groups, which is very kind and generous! At least 80% of the ingredients I use in the formula on this blog come from Voyageur, and I get all of my surfactants (except SCI) from this store. They have amazing customer service, and they have some great recipes to get you started. I can’t say enough about Voyageur – they’re fantastic!

Windy Point Soap (Calgary, Alberta) –  I love this place, too! Michele and Keith work hard to get unique ingredients, like Varisoft EQ 65, Olivem 1000, and RM-2051, to name a few. The service is excellent, and they’re lovely people. The retail shop is awesome, and they offer great classes. I can’t say enough about this company!

In the interests of full disclosure, I am friends with the owners of Voyageur and Windy Point Soap and have taught at both shops. I share information about them as I love the stores and what they carry, and I like to tell you about good people doing good things! For a bit more information, click here.

Aquarius Aroma & Scent (Mission, B.C.) – Monica’s recently moved her shop into a new location on her property where you can browse for products and take classes, but she does ask that you make an appointment in advance. She has great packaging – she has quite the eye for the wonderful and unusual bottles – and she has things like pipettes I can’t get elsewhere.

Suds & Scents (Abbotsford, B.C.) – Tanna has a great home shop that you can visit if you call in advance. She has a great selection of fragrances, mineral make-up, and other ingredients, and I love her cake fragrance oil! She is a soap maker, and she also supports my youth groups with discounts and free items (especially on mineral make-up ingredients, which can be quite pricey).

Saraphina’s Coastal Colours (B.C.) have some amazing looking micas as well as bath bomb colours, lakes, and fragrances! Check out the West Coast themed names as you drool over the pretty colours!

Candora Soap (Ontario): I’ve been buying quite a lot of things from this company, and I’m very happy with them! Their service is fast and excellent, and the ingredients are great.

Village Craft & Candle (Ontario): I purchased some supplies for making candles with my youth program, and they were awesome!

K&W Specialties (Ontario) have all kinds of amazing molds and other soap making things! Check them out!

New Directions Aromatics (Ontario): I’ve purchased from them twice – the first time I bought quite a lot of powdered extracts, the second some butters. I was pleased with the service, shipping, and prices, but I’m not impressed with the lack of information they have on important things like solubility for those powders. I know they have information on how to make tinctures, but if I wanted liquid extracts that have to be stored in a bottle somewhere on a shelf, I would have purchased liquid extracts. And I know they have some charts on solubility now, but they aren’t as informational as I’d like given they say things like, “partially soluble in water”, which isn’t helpful as I want to know how much I could use if needed.

Les Ames Fleurs (Quebec): This is an interesting shop and I’ve made many purchases from them. They have such neat ingredients you can’t find elsewhere, like all kinds of surfactants, and they import some from France. Take a look at their emulsifiers section, too. The service is excellent. (I will go on about them more shortly.)

Saffire Blue (Ontario) – Given the number of complaints you’ll read below and given my own experience with the owners, I cannot in good conscience recommend this company in any way. There are so many companies with great feedback that I have decided to remove all but this reference to the company on this blog.

The complaints grow louder and more numerous by the day.

Look them up on Trust Pilot…

Look them up on Yelp…

Look them up on the Better Business Bureau…

And it seems they’re doing business as Purple Cutrus now?

I know there are more great suppliers out there, so let’s see your suggestions! As usual, please note any ingredients you’ve not found anywhere else and what the shipping is like (and if they have a retail store we can visit on our travels!). And feel free to share your thoughts on the suppliers I’ve listed here!

As a note, when this was on the old blog, there were something like 150 comments, which we’re trying to import. If we can’t, I’ll just create a PDF or something so you can read them. 

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  1. Hi,
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    I always found a lot of Soap Calculators on the web, but I never found one able to calculate the % of Glycerin inside the final soap, because mixing oils and caustic soda, the reaction produce not olny soap, but also glycerin. So some times ago I developed a special soap calculator.
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  2. Hi Soap Manufacturing! We don't make soap here at Point of Interest, but perhaps Canadian soapers could use this. Than you. Is there a reason soapers might want to calculate the amount of glycerin in the soap?

  3. Hi Susan !

    I thank you for your question about glycerin in the soap and I am happy to reply and explain you (and all the opther perosns of the blog).
    For my opinion it is really important to know the % of Glycerin in the soap, to describe the properties of the soap:
    1- Moisturizing: Glycerin acts as moisturizer on the skin.
    2- Glycerin hydrates your skin as well as filling the cracks in dryer skin.
    3- Maintaining of Moisture (Water in the soap): Glycerin is a Humectant because attract water from air and help in retaining water in the soap (so in the skin).
    4- Glycerin is an emollient that keeps the skin soft and supple to touch.

    For these and other reasons that you can find on the web, it is important to know if the soap includes i.e. 3% or 8 % of glycerin.


  4. I wonder if Saffire Blue is learning from their past mistakes and if New Directions is taking the lead in poor customer service. Im not happy with how they are handling an issue I have. Let me know if you want to hear more and if you have other suggestions. I am in the market for good essential oils at an affordable price. I am in Toronto.

  5. Hi There. I am presently in a dispute with New Directions. I always order my Lye from Saffire blue and so far, they are displaying stellar customer service skills. New Directions on the other hand wants me to pay for shipping to return a product i am very unhappy with. A big business like that should not be charging their "good" customers for a one time return! Im looking to move on. Any tips. Im in toronto.
    Heaven Scent

  6. Hi Marguerite! You're always welcome to report your experiences with suppliers in this thread, as long as it doesn't contain swears or slandering of the company. Reporting the facts will help others make a decision.

    What I have seen in the past is that Saffire Blue is awesome until they aren't, and then it's difficult to work with them. If others are having a great experience with them, that's wonderful.

  7. Great to hear everyone's point of view… saved me a lot of time going through trial and error until i found a right one.. But I was wondering if anyone know of any places in ottawa or ottawa based companies.

    Thank you

  8. Hello, I noticed that you listed Saffire Blue as a recommended supplier, but I hope no one orders from them. THEY HAVE HORRIBLE SERVICE. I ordered something from them more than two weeks ago. Didn't hear from them for days. I checked the status of my order and it has passed through all these "queues". After a few more days, I emailed them and they simply said that they had no idea when my package would arrive. After a few more days, I got an email from Canpar saying that I'd get the package in a day but I never got it. I then emailed Saffire Blue and they didn't say hello, we're sorry, or give me an explanation as to what happened to my package. Instead they sent me the original email notification that Canpar had sent me…oh, and they told me to contact Canpar myself. So I did. Canpar then sent me a delivery notice for today but I never got it. I then went online and did some searches for reviews and I saw that so many other people had the same experience as me. I should've done my research before I decided to buy from them. I have no idea if and when I'll ever get my package and it seems like they really don't care if they get so many bad reviews online. I checked on their FB page and I can't believe there wasn't single bad one, only raving reviews, which leads me to believe that they are honest reviews. I hope no one else has to go through this! I've ordered from New Directions and they have fabulous customer service and they are very reliable. I also tried Soap and More and they have great service. I strongly recommend avoiding Saffire Blue at all costs!

  9. Hi Carmen! I have no idea where you arrived at the idea that I recommend Saffire Blue, especially based on this from the post…"Saffire Blue (Ontario) – Given the number of complaints you'll read below and given my own experience with the owners, I cannot in good conscience recommend this company in any way. There are so many companies with great feedback that I have decided to remove all but this reference to the company on this blog." She threatened to sue me, and her husabnd phoned me to call me all sorts of names.

    Did you see all the horrible reviews in this post as well? Yeah, no one here is recommending Saffire Blue for anything these days. And iIt seems very likely that someone would delete bad reviews from their Facebook page, especially this company, whose owners cannot accept any criticism or even gentle suggestions.

    Have you tried Voyageur Soap & Candle or Windy Point? I love these two suppliers so much!

  10. Hi! I am recently moved to Toronto and was surprised, that I can't find any stores for cosmetic supplies in Toronto, because in my home city, Riga, are more than 10 local shops with very good choice of supplies, more than 30 emulsifiers, 15 different surfactants, about 20 vaxes and thickeners, more than 70 additions for lotions, various oils, essentials oils, extracts. I was expected that in Toronto will be something similar, because Toronto is bigger city. Thank you for giving list of online stores! I was explored all of them, but could not find all necessary stuff what I need and shipping is very expensive too!

    I decided to buy supplies from aroma-zone.com (France), because they have very good variety of ingridients and shipping cost is the same as from B.C. Shipping cost 18 euro, no matter how much you buy. If you buy for more than 95 euro, shipping to Canada is free! But because I don't buy so much to reach this amount, maybe there is somebody from Toronto to buy together! If there is interest to buy from aroma-zone, we can create even facebook group for collective buyings.

  11. Why O why do I keep doing this to myself? Giving Saffire Blue the benefit of the doubt yet again only to be filled with frustration and regret. Placed an order Oct 23. It's still 'In processing queue'. I just called them only to be told that it says in their policies that there will be a delay of up to 7 days to process an order due to a new inventory system. Hello?! It's day 9 now. I have customers waiting. I was told my order would be given to the shipping manager and rushed. Let's see what happens. Continue breathing… not holding my breath. Have already placed an order elsewhere.

    Thank you SKS packaging for being so awesome! So much for ordering locally. 🙁

  12. Not sure if anybody that had bad experiences is interested, but there is a BBB for Ontario. I see BS on there and only have 2 complaints. I would recommend submitting complaints. According to the BBB they have an "A" rating. From reading this, I wouldn't consider that warranting an A. I was just getting ready to place an order and decided to do a search for oil quality before ordering. Sure glad I did. Seems like the quality doesn't seem to be the issue, but product shortages, shipping, and customer service. Danette


  13. Thank you for this very eye-opening and informative post! I was looking to buy larger glass bottles to refill my liquid soaps, laundry detergent, etc at The Soap Dispensary on Main St. in Vancouver. I was looking at SB's site but saw some other great companies just around the corner. I'll be heading to Voyageur Soap & Candle!

  14. Esther, that place looks amazing! I'm in Vancouver on Tuesday, and I'm definitely visiting them!
    And definitely take a trip to Voyageur as they are awesome. But beware, you'll get sucked into making all kinds of lovely things when you see the supplies for making candles, soaps, and more!

  15. Windy Point, Voyager, Candora, Xen they are the ones I order, Excellent customer service, and fast shipping. Never had any mistake in my shipments. SB infamous Saffire Blue is No, They have always things on back order ie; Polawax and Bmts-50 it is already 3 years on back order. They are half an hour driving from my house, but NO. 🙂

  16. Hi Danuta! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate hearing from readers about their favourite suppliers. I love Windy Point so much – they're getting a store front, which is exciting for those who live near by – and they have steadily become one of my favourites. I haven't tried Candora or Xen yet, but they're on my list.

    A new one for me is Les Ames Fleurs in Quebec, which I'll be writing about more shortly.

  17. I do NOT recommend Saffire Blue as a supplier for anything. I recently had a horrible experience with them and am shocked they are still in business. Lots of negative reviews on this outfit…not approved by Better Business Bureau so they do not actually get a rating…it stays at Rating A…how dumb is that, eh? However you should read some of the complaints. In my case – i received damaged goods (hazardous goods). I did not receive customer support at all – long story short I made public complaints on Google, their site, BBB, and anywhere I could. I encourage others to do the same. They lie and try to cover up but post complaints where ever you can so others have a heads up. I had my bank work on my behalf to enter a dispute with Saffire Blue (I used my credit card for the purchase). I also wrote directly to the Courier service that held the contract with them to ship my order. Due to their pressure, Saffire Blue refunded me after 2 months. They outright lie when confronted with evidence. They have no shame. No apology, nothing…they have unacceptable business practices and I will never spend another dollar with them. They HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY DODGE RESPONSIBILITY. THEY PROVIDE ZERO SERVICE…when things go wrong. BEWARE…BUYER BEWARE. I recommend Xen Bath and Beauty Supplies, New Directions, Windy Point, Voyageur, Creations from Eden, Canwax, Candora…Crystal Clear Bags, Soap and More

  18. Couldn't agree with all the negative comments more.
    Saffire blue has horrible customer service.
    Whatever you do, do not buy from saffire blue.
    I never got items that I ordered (I recieved a refund), and had the worst customer service I have ever had. I'm spreading the word in hopes it stops other people from making the same mistake. Try coopcoco.ca or newdirectionsaromatics.ca instead, much better customer service from both companies. I ignored all the customer complaints before I ordered, if I had listened I wouldn't have wasted time and money, and now wasting more time spreading the word because they should be held accountable.

  19. I'm just wondering, is it just me, or does Voyageur take a ridiculously long time to process and ship an order? I ordered once while I was living in the US and chalked it up to having to ship across the border, but I placed an order March 20 and its status is still "Processing". Meanwhile, I placed orders with Lotioncrafter, Making Cosmetics, and FSS at the same time or after, and they have long since arrived (all within about a week from the order date). I really like a lot of what Voyageur carries, but it seems to be very very slow.

  20. I'm so happy I came across this list of suppliers! I've purchased from Saffire Blue several times in the past and have recently had 2 awful customer service encounters (on different occasions). Both times, they did not apologize for their mistakes, showed absolutely NO empathy for the issues they created for my business, were unprofessional and insincere. Their "ticketing system" means that their customer service department must reach out to you in order to address your concern. Their follow up is pathetic and there is no sense of urgency whatsoever. They do not answer the telephone when you try to get an answer. When I pushed them for a way for them to make up for their screw ups, they said, simply use the coupon code SAFFIRESORRY for 5% off the next purchase. Yeah right. That's assuming I want to purchase from them again. Which is a definite NO. A company that lacks basic customer service skills should not be in this business. I will be spreading the word avidly as well, in hopes to prevent others from going through the painstaking experience of dealing with Saffire Blue. Two words fellow makers: STAY AWAY!!!!

  21. Hello everyone, just found this blog! Great work, as I am always looking for new suppliers recommended from other soapers. I use Canwax for about 60% of my supplies. They are fast, helpful and friendly plus a get a freebie with each order and they're prices are very competetative. Never had an unhappy experience with them 🙂
    I have also ordered from Sapphire Blue with the same experiences as described above. I'm sorry that their CS is so bad because they do have nice products and some different ones that I cant find elsewhere. I've ordered twice hoping things would improve but no, I won't order from them again.

  22. Susan,
    Sorry I didn't answer earlier! Well, first, I got an email saying that they didn't have the bottle lids in the colour I had ordered and asked if white would be ok. I replied and said that yes, white was fine. I can't be sure, but it seems to me that I got the email at least a week after I had ordered. It wasn't just a couple of days later, I know that for sure. Then I waited and waited. After I posted on here about it taking so long (could just be coincidence), I got a call, asking about the lids. They apparently didn't get my email reply. Shortly thereafter, my order was processed and I think it took a couple of days to arrive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there is any real problem with Voyageur…their customer service is fine and perfectly pleasant, I've had no issues with orders received, and I actually very much appreciate that they didn't just remove the bottles I wanted from my order when the lid colour I wanted wasn't available, but checked to see if I still wanted them with different coloured lids. I really hate to complain because I think they are a great company, and I'll order from them again, it just seems comparatively slow to get orders processed and shipped. They could just be busy and have a small orders department, but when I get orders from the US suppliers so much more quickly (and they all seem to be located on the west coast just like Voyageur, and I'm in southern Ontario), even when they have to go through customs, it is quite noticeable. I was curious if others' experiences were similar, or if my case was not the norm.

  23. Susan, on a positive note (unlike my recent post on Saffire Blue) I also want to tell you how much I've learned from your site and other posters. Thank you!

  24. To start, I need to say that a previous order about a year ago was trouble free. Not so much this time. As previous reviewers note, my order was also delyed without explanation, for 2.5 months. When I would send in a ticket (because they no longer answer their phone), it would take days for a reply. Finally, I got an email saying I needed to contact Purolator with my tracking number to provide them with physical address. Well there was no tracking number provided in the email, so I looked on my SB account and current order and there was nothing about tracking showing. So, I attempted 3 times over 3 days to contact SB asking for a tracking number. They finally sent it and it also magicaly appeared on my account. I contacted Purolator immediately, but they had already shipped the $203 order back to SB. When I asked SB to please ship it back, they told me I woukd have to ay $32 for shipping, again!! By this time, I had lost my sense of humour and patience and asked them to either fully refund my money, which they had kept for almost 3 months, or to reship the order at no additioal cost. SB proceeded to refund me half my money, citing return policies as the reason for keeping half my money!!!!! I am considering filing a Paypal complaint and will certainly never order through SB again. Shame.

  25. HI Mary-Ann. I can't think of a supplier in Canada that isn't listed here, unless it's a tiny one that no one shops at other than the locals. It's not that expensive, depending on how you're using it. Have you thought about joining the guild to get a discount?

  26. Hello all, I just saw the comment about Candora Soap and would like to chime in. I recently used them for an order and totally agree with the review. They have a great selection of products, quick delivery and super customer service. I will definitely be using them again! ??

  27. Has anybody ordered from Purple Citrus in London Ontario lately? There is a reference from a few years back but nothing recent. They don't have a storefront, which makes me a bit nervous.


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